Radio Free Skaro #348 – The Rain of Errors


Radio Free Skaro #348 – Click here to listen!

Because of a complicated situation involving Mandrels, Bandrils, the Borad and the Swarm, the Three Who Rule kept it (somewhat) brief this week, focusing on conserving their energies for the onslaught of Gallifrey coverage coming your way in a mere week and change. News included the casting of “An Adventure in Space and Time,” the increasingly intruiging dramatization of the early days of Doctor Who, DVD news, analysis of the upcoming insanely detailed (and expensive) David Tennant figure, and a tribute to Bernard Horsfall, a veteran Classic Who actor who left us all too soon this week.

But since this is Radio Free Skaro, there was also pointless debate about the Mask of Omega, the overall quality of the Three Doctors, the Two Doctors and other classic stories, and speculation about just what the BBC is holding back (if anything) regarding their celebratory plans for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Enjoy this short(er) but sweet(er) episode, which will lighten the weight of your portable listening device! Don’t question that last statement, it is SCIENCE.

Show Notes:

The Reign…Of Terror!
An Adventure in Space and Time…Casting!
An Adventure in Space and Time…More Casting!
An Adventure in Space and Time…Yet More Casting!
Steven Moffat…Talks 50th Anniversary Stuff!
Tomb of the Cybermen…BFI Screening Guests!
Ice Warriors DVD…Delayed!
Mind of Evil…Colour Almost Restored!
Big Chief…Tenth Doctor Figure!
Bernard Horsfall…Dies.

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #348 – The Rain of Errors

  1. Happy Birthday Mr Schapansky.Looking forward to your forthcoming interview with Phillip Hinchcliffe,would be nice if he is willing to give some insight about his relationship with senior BBC management and discuss the rescheduling of the programmes transmission and it’s repercussions while he was in charge.It must have been very difficult initially because of the constant production schedule considering the attention a lot of scripts needed and it must have been hard on cast and crew.Think you will all have to be kinder about the Three Doctors when you are in the prescence of Omega to,as i can’t see the seventh doctor helping you much considering Warrens’ opinion of his era.Incidentally , you might be interested to know that the Glasgow Film Festival is organising a tribute to Doctor Who with a special screening hosted by Tom MacRae to celebrate the 50th anniversary on Feb.14. S.H.I.E.L.D boss Whedon is supposed to be screening his Shakespeare movie in the festival too.

  2. Please note that the date of the Doctor Who tribute screening at the Glasgow Film Festival is actually the 17th February rather than the 14th in my previous post.Afraid the silence appear to have been interfering with my memory as the ticket i obtained is for the 17th.Sorry.It’s pretty academic anyway since most Doctor Who fans capable will be in Los Angeles but i will definitely be attempting a mind lock and spiritually celebrating in Glasgow with my fellow Time Lords in Los Angeles for the glory that is Doctor Who.

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