March 2013 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases


Continuing the tradition of North American Doctor Who DVD releases hitting on the second Tuesday of the month, March 12 will see two Revisitations titles being made available for sale.

The Aztecs is a much-lauded (and for good reason) William Hartnell story, and this special edition release, along with cleaned up video and other niceties should include the not-so-long-ago recovered Air Lock, episode 3 of Galaxy 4, as on the UK release; the final list of extras, however, hasn’t yet been announced.

An early Tom Baker release, The Ark in Space will also get the Revisitation treatment, as previously discussed on Radio Free Skaro. Extras for this release also haven’t yet been finalized, though we should expect the same bonuses as on the UK release, including the omnibus edition, a Making Of, and more.

UPDATE: A full list of extras for each DVD release has now been unveiled on

Each release is a 2-disc set and has an MSRP of $34.98. Click on the each thumbnail for the full disc art. Check for more details!


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