Radio Free Skaro #340 – Masterplans and Script Doctors


Radio Free Skaro #340 – Click here to listen!

A simply colossal list of news items dominated the proceedings on this week’s Radio Free Skaro, with much discussion on the snippets of non-spoilery info emerging about “The Snowmen,” this year’s Doctor Who Xmas Day spectacular. The Three Who Rule also announced not only what their live show at Gallifrey One is called, but also their first guest to open the show and the convention itself! But news was but grist for the main event, an interview from Chicago TARDIS with former Doctor Who script editor Andrew Cartmel. All this AND a pointless discussion about the Hobbit at 48fps? You bet!
Show Notes:

The Snowmen…BBC One Transmission Time!
The Snowmen…In New Zealand!
The Snowmen…Have A Voice!
The Snowmen…Brings Set Changes!
Series Seven…That’s A Wrap!
Britons…Proud Of Doctor Who!
Doctor Who Wins…TV Guide’s Fan Favourite Poll!
Spearhead From Space…On Blu-Ray!!
The Ark In Space…Extras!
The Ark In Space…More Extras!
Commentaries…And Revisitations!
Missing Episodes…Campaign!
K-9…Comes To The USA!
BFI…Doctor Who Anniversary Screenings!



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