Radio Free Skaro #334 – Nefertiti Graffiti


Radio Free Skaro #334 – Click here to listen!

Dinosaurs! On a Spaceship! Matt Smith’s enthusiasm aside, does the fluffy lizardfest hold up to the laser-like scrutiny of Steven, Warren, and Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast in this, the second of the “Pond Farewell Tour” commentaries? Were Mitchell and Webb any good as surly robots? Does the Doctor’s team of historical oddities (and Rory’s dad) make for high adventure and rollicking space-based shenanigans? Are any of these questions even close to addressed in the commentary? Tune in to find out, as well as hear tiny morsels of what could charitably called “news!”
Show Notes:

Series 7B…filming update!
Children in Need…featuring Doctor Who!
Episode 10…has a title!
BBC Books…reissues coming in 2013!
IDW Publishing present…50th Anniversary Comic Books!

Luke from…TMDWP!


Dinosaurs…on a Spaceship!

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