Radio Free Skaro #333 – Avid Femmy Robomen


Radio Free Skaro #333 – Click here to listen!

With the New! Doctor! Who! countdown clock having more than two months on it, a mandate was declared by the Three Who Rule that now is the time for Season 7A commentaries. NOW. Over the coming weeks their trademark brand of pedantism, whimsy and love for classic rock will undoubtedly distract from the adventures of the Doctor, Amy and Rory playing out before them onscreen, starting this week with Asylum of the Daleks. But wait! Chip, the Two-minute Time Lord, joins our august trio for this episode, allegedly to voice his opinions on Asylum but mostly the keep Steven, Warren and Chris in line. Does he succeed? Tune in to find out!
Show Notes:

Season 7B…Writers and Directors!
2013…DVD Release Info!
Shada…North American DVD Release Date!
AudioGo and Big Finish…50th Anniversary Audio Books!

Two-minute…Time Lord!


Asylum…of the Daleks!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #333 – Avid Femmy Robomen

  1. There is actually a point in the DVD release of The Silurians from when the Doctor and the Brig visit the hospital that lasts about 5 minutes- you can see “The Doctor-Jon Pertwee” pretty clearly. So it does happen.

  2. Also, The Juggernauts? Why on Earth would anyone choose that as the first Colin Baker BF, rather than The Holy Terror or Jubilee or Doctor Who and the Pirates?

  3. Femmy Robomen? I did a shoot a while ago exploring this subject 🙂

    Great podcast guys, keep up the great work 😀


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