Jenna-Louise Coleman Is The New Companion


It was about three months ago that Steven Moffat mentioned Amy and Rory’s time in the TARDIS was drawing to a close, and that Doctor Who would get a new companion in Series 7 to replace them. He remained coy as to who it might be or when the announcement would come (and in time rumours flew fast and furious about the return of Sophia Myles, who previously played Reinette in The Girl In The Fireplace, to the Who fold as the new companion), but yesterday the BBC finally teased the imminent announcement of some details.

This morning, via press release and on twitter, the months of waiting came to an end and the announcement was made.

So who’s the new companion for Matt Smith’s Doctor? Well, it’s none other than Jenna-Louise Coleman. Coleman is known for Emmerdale, so of course those of us on this side of the Atlantic have never heard of her. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. Brits interested in checking out her work can do so in the four-part programme Titanic, which begins this coming Sunday on ITV1. Additionally, the Radio Times has published an article regarding Coleman’s career to date.

Update: The BBC has posted an interview by Lizo Mzimba with Coleman.

Details haven’t yet been released about the character’s name or story, but Lizo Mzimba has tweeted her first appearance will be in the Christmas episode. The official Doctor Who account later confirmed this, also noting there will be 6 episodes broadcast in 2012, including the Christmas special, and 8 episodes broadcast in 2013. The Ponds, however, won’t make it past episode 5, with the BBC noting their exit will be in a story featuring the Weeping Angels.

Introductions of companions to the media and fans has long been a big deal and the BBC kept up that tradition with this announcement, of course timing it just before the big Official Doctor Who Convention in Cardiff this coming weekend. Coincidence? We think not.


4 Comments on “Jenna-Louise Coleman Is The New Companion

  1. Jenna-Louise Coleman was good in Emmerdale as the lesbian neice of the vicar and she was also in Waterloo Road as a schoolgirl who killed her father. So a bit of range there.

  2. For some reason I got an immediate Ace vibe from her. I think it’s partly the look (though modern, without the “awesome” jacket) and then when they said the Doctor had to keep up with HER! Though in no way do I expect Smith to turn into a McCoy. (Happy, Warren?)

  3. The interview and all, she seems not terribly bad a fit. In a pretty-fitty, wibbly-wobbly “oh, I’m soooo excited” kind of way.

    6 episodes for 2012! My God, Moffat’s a sadist of colossal proportions! Looks like a lot of mini-scopes through 2012 dot dot dot

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