Radio Free Skaro #302 – Eat Your Soup


Radio Free Skaro #302 – Click here to listen!

The Three Who Rule are slightly in tatters this week with Warren away in the Deep South and Chris fighting a cold that would easily fell the entire population of a space ark that left Earth in the 57th Segment of Time, Monoids included! Fortunately, all is quiet on the news front again this week as the world of Doctor Who is focused internally on actually making new episodes for broadcast in the fall. As a result, we turn to the past again as Steven, Warren, and Chris commentate over the final three episodes of the 1971 serial The Mind of Evil, featuring The Master, rockets, epic gun battles, and some delectable soup.
Show Notes:

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…Live Music Performance!
North America…Almost Caught Up On Revisitations DVDs!
Big Chief…Doctor Collector Series Figure!
Big Chief…Amy Pond Collector Series Figure!
Worlds in Time…Officially Launches!
The Memory…Cheats!


The Mind…Of Evil!

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