May 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases


Hot off the announcement of two new DVD releases for April, we’ll be getting three more classic Doctor Who DVD releases in North America on May 8.

An underrated gem, in our opinion, 1979’s Nightmare of Eden was one of the more tumultuous productions in Doctor Who’s long history, an aspect of which will no doubt be covered in the extensive extras that were cleared by the BBFC just last week.

Two Sylvester McCoy stories that will form The Ace Box in the UK will be released separately here. The 1987 story Dragonfire, featuring Sophie Aldred’s debut as Ace, and The Happiness Patrol from 1988, featuring one of the more memorable Who villains, The Kandyman, will also hit the shelves.

For more details, including a complete listing of the special features, check out the post at TV Shows On DVD. Click on the artwork for larger versions. Edit: Full special features for The Happiness Patrol are now available.

Each of these single-disc releases will likely have a MSRP of $24.98.


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