Radio Free Skaro #291 – That Which Survives


Radio Free Skaro #291 – Click here to listen!

A simple commentary about “Closing Time,” which gave the Three Who Rule ample time to discuss the great chemistry between Matt Smith and guest star James Corden, instead devolved into a simply rancid discussion on babies and their propensity to poop on this episode of Radio Free Skaro. Our choice of topic says more about us than it does about the episode at hand, which was a delightful romp penned by Gareth Roberts and not at all a treatise on infants and their digestive habits. But leaving the puerile giggling aside for the moment, weighty matters as fictitious awards, possibly crappy video games and the life and quick death of Doctor Who Insider were also covered. All this and backhanded compliments aimed at Eric Roberts, and you’ve got yourself approximately an hour of a podcast of some sort!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…And The World Of Tomorrow!
Doctor Who Insider…Shutting Down!
The Eternity Clock…Trailer!
The Eternity Clock…Not On PC?
Upper Boat…Studio Tour!
National…Television Awards!
Virgin Media…TV Awards!
April 2012…Region 1 DVD Releases!
Nightmare of Eden, Dragonfire & Happiness Patrol…DVD Extras!
Aliens Vs…Wizards!
Hugo Award…Nominations Open!



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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #291 – That Which Survives

  1. Just a quick correction on your estimated pricing for the Eternity Clock. It’s being released over the Playstation Network as a download only title. If other titles on PSN are any indication, we’re probably looking at roughly a $5.00 price tag instead of $50 or $60.

    Thanks for doing this podcast every week. I always look forward to it!

  2. The Happiness Patrol is not just about the Kandyman! I hope the Randomiser gives you that at some stage, as Warren should re-evaluate the clever, many-layered story itself. It’s got political satire! Harmonicas! John Normington! Animatronic dogs! Fondant surprise! A pink TARDIS! The DVD release should help, nay, force the British public to change their opinions. Happiness will prevail! (Rant over(Sorry, I had to)).

  3. It was mentioned that Steven does a James Bond Podcast with Kyle Anderson from Where could that be found? I looked on itunes but came up with nada! Great job guys! Looking forward to your shows from Galli.

  4. Hi Michelle,

    James Bond podcast – yes! It’s called Shaken Not Stirred, and is one of the podcasts on the Prognosis Negative feed, found here:

    The podcast features Josh and Eric from Doctor Who: Mostly Harmless Cutaway, Kyle, and myself. I’ve never seen any Bond films, so I’m watching them for the first time as we’re commentating on them! It’s a lot of fun.

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