Radio Free Skaro #287 – The Man Trap


Radio Free Skaro #287 – Click here to listen!

As 2011 draws to a close and the Three Who Rule look forward to 2012 and the next series of Doctor Who – whenever the heck it ends up being transmitted – and also deliver their commentary for the Series 6.2 opener, Let’s Kill Hitler. We’ll see if it stands the test of time or not, mad ride that it is. And in real-life news, hearty congratulations go out to former Doctor David Tennant and former Doctor’s “daughter” Georgia Moffett on their nuptials! Now calm down, fangirls. Just. Calm. Down.
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…Appreciated!
Goodbye…Bannerman Road!


Let’s Kill…Hitler!

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #287 – The Man Trap

  1. As you work your way through the series, consider this….There is no “conflict” in Doctor Who anymore because as time has proved now, Matt Smith is simply unable to play it.
    I like Smith but sadly he has proven himself to be a “one trick pony”, albeit a very entertaining “trick”, but that’s all there is.
    Personally I don’t believe it’s not a case of not being given the material, the production team are only too aware of the corner they’ve painted themselves into with the casting of Smith. Moff has shown he can deliver deeper material, and still can as “Sherlock” has displayed. Sadly, Smith as an actor is not as rounded as Eccleston, Tennant or Cumberbatch. In fact Cumberbatch is already transitioned to the big screen in a way that Smith can only dream of.
    Perhaps the youth of Smith has counted against him as an actor attempting to portray a modern Doctor Who. Hard to have many “life experiences” etc when you’re straight out of school.
    It’s for no reason that like McCoy, an attempt to make the Doctor more mysterious has to be written into the plot from now on because it’s known to be beyond the actor to portray it.

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