Radio Free Skaro #285 – The Menagerie


Radio Free Skaro #285 – Click here to listen!

With just a week to go until the 2011 Doctor Who Christmas Special, the Three Who Rule cast their eyes back to a simpler time, before River Song was related to the Ponds and when a baby could turn into a puddle of goo and still be broadcast pre-watershed. Yes, “A Good Man Goes to War” was our commentary this week, with all the usual off-topic and off-color discussion you’ve come to know and somewhat tolerate. Add chatter of our live show at Gallifrey 2012 (two months from now!), news of departing companions, Season 7’s structure, and Fendahl action figures, and you’ve got yourself a podcast!
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…New Trailer!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…Preview Clips!
The Moff…Hints At Series 7!
New Companion…For Series 7!
Aliens vs…Wizards!
Tom Baker…Reunited With Jago & Litefoot!
Big Finish…Brings Back The Kraals!
Revisitations 3…UK DVD Release Date!
Face Of Evil…UK DVD Release Date!
The Daemons…UK DVD Release Date!
Sarah Jane Adventures Series 5…UK Release Date!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Box Set!
Image of the Fendahl…Action Figure Set!
Doctor Who…Chess Set!
Steven On…The Pharos Project!
Steven On…Alpha Waves Radio!
Steven and Chris On…The Goodies Podcast!
Warren and Chris On…Prognosis Negative!


A Good Man…Goes To War!

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #285 – The Menagerie

  1. Listening to the commentary – a couple of questions you asked may have answered each other. You asked who stopped Madame Kovarian running off with the flesh Melody before Captain Avery was added in and also why there were Judoon and Ood in the credits when they did not feature in the show (although Judoon at least were mention in the prequel). Could it be that it was Judoon and/or Ood guarding the door and the credits hadn’t been fully altered before broadcast?

    I’m also a bit unsure as to the whole question regarding Lorna Bucket of the Gamma Forests. The Doctor is usually spot-on at remembering all the people he’s met, even if he pretends not to out of facetiousness. This is even more confusing as she recognises the current Doctor. Given that he’s not fantastically old in the regeneration by AGGTW, could it be that he’s yet to meet Lorna for what she would consider to be the first time? She didn’t appear to recognise the Pond’s so it would fit with a first meeting after they’ve left the Doctor.

  2. There have been instances of actors returning at later dates to reprise the role of their specific doctor, despite this action often going against the Time Lords’ rules about how to travel in time and space — for a Time Lord to meet his other selves, in particular, would ordinarily contravene the “First Law Of Time,” which prohibits distortions of history.

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