2011 Christmas Special – North American DVD/BD Release


Roughly a month after the UK gets the home video release of the upcoming Christmas special, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, folks in North America will be able to buy their own copy on Blu-Ray and DVD.

With a February 14 release date, the special features available on either edition are a special Christmas episode of Doctor Who Confidential – though oddly the one from 2010 – and Doctor Who at the Proms. So yes, it’s the bonus material the UK got last year. At least that’s what initial reports are saying. We’ll see if that changes at all to perhaps include the (last-ever) new Confidential material shot for this year (before the show was cancelled) and/or anything else.

Three Best Of… supplements are said to be included as well.

MSRP will be $14.98 for the DVD and $19.89 for the Blu-Ray.

Check out more details at TV Shows On DVD, and click on the artwork for larger versions.


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