Radio Free Skaro #248 – Special Kay


Radio Free Skaro #248 – Click here to listen

A week after Radio Free Skaro’s thorough examination of Doctor Who’s long and storied history in Canada, the Three Who Rule take a hard left turn into the realm of Norman Kay, composer of three stories from Doctor Who’s embryonic years, as his work was the subject of talk in this week’s Miniscope. To help in the discussion (or basically lead), Radio Free Skaro’s own GetGlue guru Emily Kausilik, a noted music expert in her own right, was brought in to offer her expertise on not only Kay’s music, but how music in general was composed and used in 1960s Doctor Who. And, hey, it’s not often that you get to hear a discussion on 1960s Doctor Who music, is it?
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…North America!
Skaro Shop…UK!
SPACE…Series 6 Goes Day & Date!
The Impossible Astronaut…In Australia!
BBC One…Series 6 Trailer!
BBC America…Series 6 Trailer!
Torchwood: Miracle Day…Teaser!
The Impossible Astronaut…Advance Screening!
Neil Gaiman’s Episode…Titled!
Episode 4…On May 14!
Torchwood: Miracle Day…Composed By Murray Gold!
Series 6…Part 1 On Region 2 DVD!
Series 6…Part 1 On Region B Blu-Ray!
Paradise Towers…On Region 1 DVD!
Doctor Who Insider…Details!
Doctor Who Writing Competition…For Kids!
Who…Is The Doctor?!
The Doctor’s Daughter’s…Daughter!

Miniscope – Norman Kay:

An Unearthly…Child!
The Keys…Of Marinus!

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8 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #248 – Special Kay

  1. I was going to say screw you to the three of you, however since you said nice things about AFL (Australian Rules Football.) I’ll let it slide.

    They could air Doctor Who on Sunday, since they did it for Seaons 3 & 4.

    The only reason I can think of for not having it day/date, the ABC has no money, they have 4 channels now including a 24/7 news channel, they have NO money so they can’t afford it.

  2. Steven: You can order DWI #1 from Who North America.

    These last two podcasts have been really educational. Great work, chaps (and Emily).

  3. Aussie jokes…ho hum. I suppose I could bring it to the attention of the sponsors of this website. It’d give me something to do instead of listening to this amatuerish drivel again.

    What is it with Doctor Who fans with delusions of grandeur like yourselves? You all end up sounding like Ian Levine jabbering away, desperate for celebrity status in fandom.

  4. Sorry to hear you feel that, Woody.

    You’ll note, of course, we mock our native Canada far more than Australia overall. And also note that Australia is getting the show in a timelier manner than any other part of the world did until recently which is pretty darn cool.

  5. Big difference between self deprecation and belittling others. Doctor Who deserves better ambassadors than what this podcast delivers.

  6. I really enjoyed this episode — and since I haven’t yet watched “An Unearthly Child” (or, really, any classic Who), that is saying quite a lot! Rest assured, I will be making time this summer to educate myself in all that came before 2005, and now I’ll have an ear out for the music, thanks to Emily.

    I know Emily’s thesis is focusing on the classic series, but do you think sometime you might persuade her to come back and talk about Murray Gold’s music from her expert perspective? I have no musical training, and about the most I can say of Gold’s stuff is, “It’s cool.” But I’d love to hear a real musicologist discuss his work for the new series — even maybe dissect a few selected cues in depth?

    Your podcast is fantastic. I only became a Who fan last year, with the first Matt Smith series; but I’ve only started listening to Radio Free Skaro recently. So glad I have!

    • Additionally, we had Emily on episode 241 to discuss her Gallifrey panel and the music of Murray Gold. We’ve already got you covered! 🙂

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