Dalek on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

<![CDATA[As a bit of a preview to the Doctor Who-centric episode on November 16, a Dalek featured on the November 15 edition of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. For most of the show, the Dalek was parked next to Ferguson's robotic co-host Geoff Peterson and had to endure (like the rest of us) some ill-timed jabs from guest Dennis Miller.

Ferguson roasted the Dalek in a more loving fashion during the episode's cold open, which you can watch below. Be sure to tune in to The Late Late Show on CBS tonight (November 16) as Matt Smith will be the main guest, along with Nerdist podcast host, and rabid Doctor Who fan, Chris Hardwick (check your local listings).


One Comment on “Dalek on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson

  1. I should have been at the show tonight

    To all the Who fans that got in hope you had a fantastic time !!

    To the CBS people who took our seats hope you take the time to read the letter bellow that I just sent to your ticket agency.

    The names have been changed to protect the guilty
    Dear *****

    I wish I was writing to say how much we enjoyed the Late Show with Matt Smith.

    However despite confirming prior to booking the tickets, taking a day off work and driving to LA that the tickets assured us entry. Then following the instructions to the letter, arriving 30 mins prior to the recommended 3pm for the 3.30 entry the show was stooped leaving the 4 people in front of us and the 20 behind without access, this was despite a female representative of Your company telling us that as long as we had 1iota ticket we had a seat.

    The reason for this according to the runner,  CBS executives at the last moment  took seats back for personal guests,

    It’s always nice to see the people who watch the network and are fans of the guests get screwed over by the men in suits 

    Please pass my warmest regards on to them.




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