Radio Free Skaro #224 – A Hard Day’s Night

Radio Free Skaro #224 – Click here to listen

The Series 5 commentary series resumes again after an intermittent past few weeks (but you surely didn’t mind all the interviews, did you?) with the Three Who Rule’s take on The Hungry Earth, the first part of the retro-themed Silurian story from this past year. Also, news of Christmas episode titles and another impressive Sarah Jane Adventures story help pass the time before the Children in Need preview later this week and Doctor Who’s impending 47th anniversary. Good fun!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
James Moran…excited for Gallifrey!
New Guests…added for Gallifrey!
Peter Bennett…not at Gallifrey!
Christmas Special title…revealed!
A Christmas Carol…coming to SPACE!
Utah shooting dates…confirmed!
Lost in Time…Part One!
Lost in Time…Part Two!
Death of the Doctor…viewing figures!
BBFC clears DVD extras for…Kinda!
BBFC clears DVD extras for…Snakedance!
Lost Second Doctor stories…coming to Big Finish!
Children in Need preview…Friday!
Whonews…iPhone/iPad app!


The Hungry…Earth!

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #224 – A Hard Day’s Night

  1. Enough with the BSG talk, Chris & Warren. Good show it may be, I don’t care to hear about it when I’m listening to a DW podcast.

  2. Off-topic: Have you three gents seen the TARDIS Handbook by Steve Tribe? Nice book if you’re a oddball completist like me. Most interesting factoid: the CIN special we’ve always called The Pudsey Cutaway is, in fact, officially titled “Born Again”.

    By the way, today it the fifth anniversary of the broadcast of “Born Again.”

  3. Yeah, but the most common name for the second story ever, according to contemporary documents, is “The Mutants”. And we ain’t about to start calling it that.

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