Radio Free Skaro #213 – Chimeron You Crazy Diamond


Radio Free Skaro #213 – Click here to listen

So it’s come to this… the final installment of the summer Classic Series Commentary series has arrived, and oh what an arrival it was. Delta and the Bannermen gets put through one end of the RFS grinder and goodness only knows what will come out the other end. Warren’s notorious hatred of Sylvester McCoy’s tenure underlies the episode, but what did he think of the story when all was said and done? Add to that the collective pants-wetting over the upcoming release of The Seeds of Doom on DVD and pretty much the entire gamut of human emotion comes through in this episode of Radio Free Skaro!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Next Series of Doctor Who…Split Into Two Halves!
Adam Smith and Richard Clarke…Direct Series 6!
Doctor Who Games…On DS and Wii!
Doctor Who Proms…On BBC3!
Doctor Who Live…Cast Announcements!
The TV Movie…Coming To North America, Australia and New Zealand!
The Seeds of Doom…DVD Extras!
Meglos…Coming Soon To DVD!


Delta…And The Bannermen!


6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #213 – Chimeron You Crazy Diamond

  1. Let Warren know that I still have the Doctor Who 25th Anniversary audio cassette that showcases Keff McCullough at his Who synth best. Just say the word and “Here’s To The Future” can melt its way into Warren’s brain.

  2. Just my undying thanks to Warren for not falling into the trap of agreeing with Steven and Chris on this one. DatB, like most of S24 was complete pants. If you like your Dr Who to be a cross between a Frankie Avalon movie, Dirty Dancing, Christmas Panto, with some Dr Who splashed in – you love this one. If you like your Dr Who to be say….Dr Who, this one goes on the completionists shelf and gathers an appropriate amount of dust.

  3. Ive said it before and Ill say it again – Warren Sucks.
    I wish it was him that was going to Egypt next week, with a one way ticket.

  4. Odd Brian: hipsters are too busy wearing skinny jeans and trying to out-obscure each other with musical savvy to form any sort of opinion about the McCoy era. 🙂

    Josh: damn straight!

    Warren Sucks: Mighty brave of you to take your bold, uncompromising stand behind a series of anonymous emails. You sure showed me! I guess I do suck!

  5. @Warren: As you would say, well played, sir. I do like “Delta…” for some odd reason. It has some nice panto charm. Now, had it been “Dragonfire”, I would’ve been right there suffering with you.

    And might I boldly say that Warren Sucks sucks?

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