Neil Gaiman To Still Write For Doctor Who?


The notion of Neil Gaiman writing for Doctor Who apparently isn’t dead yet. The acclaimed writer appeared at the UCLA on February 4 for a speaking engagement. During his appearance, Gaiman answered several questions from the audience, one of which was about writing for Doctor Who. Jace Lacob, writer/editor of the award-winning television website Televisionary, was in attendance, and posted this comment on Twitter after the performance:

When asked if he will ever write a Doctor Who script, Neil Gaiman (@neilhimself) nodded emphatically. Hmmm…

Gaiman had previously been rumoured to be writing a script for Matt Smith’s first series as The Doctor until he himself denied it on his own Twitter feed. While Gaiman hasn’t confirmed anything yet beyond his UCLA appearance, a Doctor Who script still appears to be a distinct possibility.

Gaiman could possibly join Skins writer Jack Thorne as a writer for the next series, as Thorne confirmed on his Twitter feed in July that he was also working on a script for Doctor Who.

UPDATE #1: Jace at Televisionary has now posted on his own blog about this. Here’s the link.
UPDATE #2: Neil Gaiman himself has confirmed the news at SFX. Here’s the link.]]>

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