Series 5/1/31 – Final Writers List

<![CDATA[05/10/2009 08:49Previous investigations by the Radio Free Skaro crew into the names of Series 5/1/31 writers yielded a nearly perfect list now confirmed in Doctor Who Magazine Issue 417. While our efforts showed two episodes from the pen of Gareth Roberts, it is now known Roberts is writing but one episode with Men Behaving Badly writer/creator Simon Nye taking the other slot.

In no particular order, here are the Series 5/1/31 writers:

Steven Moffat (6 episodes)
Chris Chibnall (2 episodes)
Mark Gatiss (1 episode)
Toby Whithouse (1 episode)
Gareth Roberts (1 episode)
Simon Nye (1 episode)
Richard Curtis (1 episode)]]>

3 Comments on “Series 5/1/31 – Final Writers List

  1. If Chris Chibnall is writing 2-episode’s, that confirm’s the rumor that there will be a 2-parter witten by him, featuring the Silurians, the 2nd part is called Cold Blood.

  2. Thanks for the enthusiasm Alfie, but please try to not post spoilers as many people choose to not read ahead. That being said, there’s confirmation of nothing (as yet) about that rumour just because Chibnall himself has been confirmed. 🙂

  3. I know a lot of people will throw their hands up in despair at Richard Curtis’ inclusion … but he DID co-write Blackadder. His inclusion and Simon Nye’s might suggest the tone of the show turning towards comedy drama?

    Of course, Moffatt’s main credit was comedy, before he scared the life out of us with The Empty Child …

    So, an intriguing list.

    In a way, I’m glad Gaiman isn’t there … because his fan-base is so vast his inclusion could eclipse everything else about the show. Not good for it’s first season. Maybe next year when Matt Smith has established himself …

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