SPACE Blog Post – David Tennant is this Generation's Tom Baker

<![CDATA[spacebadgeThat may seem like a bold statement until you take a step back and look at Doctor Who’s storied history in a larger context. When Tom Baker took the role in 1974, he was something of an unknown quantity, a tall and gangly question mark poised to fill the shoes of Jon Pertwee, the “man of action” Doctor who ably rang the show into the Seventies. Likewise, Tennant took over for the broody and intense Christopher Eccleston, who ably shepherded the show back into existence in 2005.

And once Tennant had the role he ran with it. It didn’t hurt that Tennant grew up as a massive fan of the classic series, able to drop the most obscure references to Mandrels and Sensorites at the drop of a hat.

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