TARDIS Interior Revealed

<![CDATA[TARDIS InteriorLocation filming for Series 5/1/31 (we’re not about to let that go just yet) continues in Wales, and tonight’s filming gave fans and spoiler hunters a bit of a surprise in the form of the backdrop used for the TARDIS interior. The redesign isn’t extensive but we do get some differences such as the flight of steps. Is it different enough? Is it what we expected given the retro feel of the TARDIS exterior? Let the jib-jabbery about the TARDIS set and interior begin!

Image courtesy Scooty. More shots from tonight’s filming can be found on his Photobucket site.]]>

4 Comments on “TARDIS Interior Revealed

  1. I suppose the production team don’t want to be too radical and have too much change for the new series. We’ve not seen much of it yet and we haven’t seen the console at all. I like that the big circular lighting rig from the original design seems to be back.
    I was hoping it would go back to white, though. In the original series we had a Doctor who was dressed in Edwardian clothes and standing in a massive gleaming white spaceship. This quickly established that he did not fit in with his own people without the need for all the exposition of later series. With the TV movie we got a gothic Doctor in a gothic TARDIS and with the new series we’ve had two casual Doctors in a casual TARDIS. The TARDIS should be the opposite of the Doctor. It’s all that’s left of Gallifrey so it should be a reminder of what he chose to leave behind.

  2. Good point, Devlin, although I found that, only having ever watched the classic series after the new one, the clinical white interior was one of the biggest differences, and one of the hardest to grow accustomed to. I’m personally glad they decided not to go white. I love that it’s apparently a multi-level set, which means it will probably feel like a much bigger space than the coral design. I do hope they keep the mesh floor though. I thought that was a cool little touch.

  3. That’s a good observation about the contrast between the Doctor and his TARDIS in the original series, although I don’t think it applies anymore. The interior has gone through so many redesigns now that I think it’s reasonable to assume the Doctor can change it himself. Thus, it makes sense for the TARDIS to reflect the Doctor’s preferences more now than in the original series.
    This new interior is similar enough to the last one (which I liked) that I don’t feel a sense of loss, and keeps the warmish color scheme that makes it comfortable, safe, almost womb-like (which is interesting since the TARDIS is the consistent element and sort of home base for the show). At the same time, it’s grander and more expansive, and a bit more like someone could actually live there. The bi-levels and a ceiling we actually get to see change the space a lot.
    It’s a different kind of retro feel than the changes to the exterior (and different than the Doctor’s new wardrobe). It strikes me as a bit Steampunk and reminds me of Art Nouveau architecture, which I’m okay with because I’m partial to those aesthetics.

  4. The textures are also very different – more metallic, less organic.

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