Radio Free Skaro #164 – Clough Luck


Radio Free Skaro #164 – Click here to listen

rfs164With Warren on holiday in Japan and China, Katrina joins the fray (see what we did there?) as the Radio Free Skaro gang discusses more about the Doctor Who Magazine ranking poll, a mass of DVD news as well as the premiere story of the new Sarah Jane Adventures series and more. Was Sarah Jane worthwhile viewing? Will Doctor Who fandom become collective paupers from the deluge of early 2010 DVD releases? Will Chris Clough get the tongue lashing so many think he deserves in this week’s Miniscope? Delve into this week’s gripping episode to find out!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Tom Baker…Discusses Barry Letts!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Trailer!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Ratings! (Episode One)
Sarah Jane Adventures…Ratings! (Episode Two)
Classic Who…on Blinkbox!
Tennant’s finale…on DVD!
The DVD…of Peladon!
Key to Time DVDs…Re-released!
Myths…and Legends!
The Masque…of Mandragora!
Time…and the Rani!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Series 3 DVD!
Hamlet…Transmission date!
Hamlet DVD…Delayed!
SFX Awards…Voting!
Korean…Fictitious Award!
Tom Baker…Pyramids of Mars action figure!

Miniscope Links (Chris Clough):
Terror…of the Vervoids!
The Ultimate…Foe!
Delta…and the Bannermen!
The Happiness…Patrol!


5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #164 – Clough Luck

  1. I agree with you Steven, I can’t rate the Doctors 1-10, it just seems a bit pointless and reductive. I genuinely like them all but would rate C. Baker’s tenure as the worst purely on the basis of the stories.

  2. I tried blinkbox from my home here in Ontario and found the classic episodes to play just fine! Woo Hoo! Watched the Krotons so far.

    Now, they just need to get a few more stories available.

  3. Love the show guys (and gal)! Just a note that ChicagoTARDIS is actually a month away. It occurs over Thanksgiving weekend. I believe in this week’s episode you said it was coming up next weekend.

  4. Thanks, Jeremy.

    It was pointed out on Facebook that it was indeed an oopsie on our parts. It’s actually Hurricane Who that’s on Halloween weekend whilst indeed Chicago TARDIS is US Thanksgiving weekend. Our bad.

  5. I really enjoy the show and I can’t thank you enough for all your work you do putting it together but I have a small criticism this week. You should try to sound like you are having fun and Katrina, you sounded like a pill, not saying much and when you did it was curt and almost sounded like a put-down to the other hosts. Cheer the heck up and have some fun! It’s Doctor Who! What is the freaking problem if guys want to momentarily discuss Red Dwarf. Good lord.

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