Radio Free Skaro #162 – Maloney Sandwich


Radio Free Skaro #162 – Click here to listen

A new logo, new location pics, and confirmation that the BBC is indeed going along with the madness of referring to Matt Smith’s junior outing as the Doctor as “Series 1.” The Three Who Rule also engaged in a spirited discussion about the possibility of an international iPlayer, as well as devoted the ever-popular Miniscope to the work of David Maloney, one of Doctor Who’s finest visualists and a gentleman director to spare. Allons-y!

Note: this episode was recorded before the passing of Barry Letts on October 9.

Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Radio Free Skaro…on SPACE!
Be a fan of Radio Free Skaro on…Facebook!
Peter Davison…cancels!
Colin Baker…writes a book!
2010 Doctor Who…Cruise!
Doctor Who…new logo!
Andrew Gunn…confirmed!
Richard Curtis…spills the beans!
BBC approved…location pics!
Confirmed – it’s…Series 1!
Hornet’s Nest…The Dead Shoes!

Miniscope Links (David Maloney):
The Mind…Robber!
The…War Games!
Planet of…the Daleks!
Genesis of the…Daleks!
Planet of…Evil!
The Deadly…Assassin!
The Talons of…Weng-Chiang!


One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #162 – Maloney Sandwich

  1. Why do you consider the photo of the clapper as “confirmation” that the show will be promoted as “Series 1” ? It’s two totally separate questions of what they refer to it internally versus what they promote the series as. The Doctor Who Magazine reports on this issue are still suspect and should remain open to skepticism until the BBC or Moff or someone goes on record with a proper explanation or confirmation. Obviously, the idea of referring to it as series 1 *internally* makes complete sense and their reporting on that was clear. But, there still hasn’t been any reliable confirmation that it will be promoted as such. Perhaps I’m biased by think it to be such a daft idea so maybe I’m holding out hope, but, at the moment, I’d still say it hasn’t been reliably confirmed.

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