2010 Series Writers and Directors: The Story So Far


We at Radio Free Skaro have rarely been keen to spread plot spoilers for upcoming episodes of Doctor Who (apart from that brief time a few months ago when Spoilor went on a rampage), but we’re always interested to see who the key people are behind the production of the show. With production of Series 5/1/31 (or, if you look at this non-spoiler, recent filming pic, it is officially known as Series 1) well underway, tiny details have come to light regarding the identity of the various writers and directors who will bring Matt Smith’s debut series as The Doctor to life. A lengthier confab, including supposition and discussion beyond what can currently be confirmed, is available in Radio Free Skaro Episode #161.

Here’s what we can confirm so far:


– Steven Moffat (six episodes)
Gareth Roberts (two episodes) (updated November 6)
Richard Curtis (one episode)
Chris Chibnall (two episodes)


Adam Smith (Block One and Block Three)
Andrew Gunn (Block Two – two episodes)
Ashley Way (Block Four – two episodes) (updated November 11)

Stay tuned to radiofreeskaro.com, and listen to our weekly podcasts, to keep up to date on future writer and director announcements!

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2 Comments on “2010 Series Writers and Directors: The Story So Far

  1. Chris Chibnall’s doing two episodes? I was teetering on the edge of abandoning the series already, but this bit of news pushes me right over the edge…after Tennant’s done with his run, I’m out.

  2. This is probably obvious you guys – but the new logo, new tardis, new doctor, new new new new (york?) – etc… and the “Series 1” montra – is a true indication that this is a massive re-boot for the series. I don’t think we’ll recognize it vs the RTD version. I think the change – and the feeling – will be similar as it was with the changeover of Graham Williams to JNT in 1980.

    btw – to the above comment – Hang in there David – just like Russell T, Moffatt will have his fingerprints over ALL of the scripts, not just his own.

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