Party like it’s 1963

Among the other announcements today, it has also been revealed the TARDIS will be getting a rather retro feel. As has previously been discussed on Radio Free Skaro, the press have leaked rumours that the TARDIS would have a white, retro feel inside but little or nothing had previously been mentioned about the exterior. Set reports from today’s filming quite clearly show changes to the exterior of our beloved blue box, such as the return of the St. John’s Ambulance logo that adorned the door in William Hartnell’s era.

Gillan and Smith on set with the retro-feel TARDIS.
Gillan and Smith on set with the retro-feel TARDIS.

5 Comments on “Party like it’s 1963

  1. That TARDIS looks huge. I mean…it’s now almost as big on the outside as it is on the inside. But it does look really, really cool.

  2. Retro Rocks.

    I can’t wait to see Karen Gillian in her full wolf-weed costume.


  3. So has the compaining about the look of the TARDIS exterior started yet?

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