Radio Free Skaro #142 – Four To Doomsday


In a desperate bid to find someone who could give an unequivocal thumbs up to Series 1 tome “World War Three”, the RFS gang numbered four (Warren, Steven, Chris, and Katrina) for one of the few times in history to record a commentary for the episode. The result? No thumbs up were given, but neither were there definite thumbs down, mostly because the hosts were more encumbered in dealing with various innuendos, intended or otherwise.

direct download: rfs142.mp3

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Neil’s Doctor Who…charity auction!
Doctor Who wins…BAFTA Craft Awards!
Doctor Who wins…Welsh BAFTAs!
Gareth Roberts…has an agent?
PotD broadcast date on SPACE…unknown!
War Games DVD…extras!
War Games DVD…extras!!!!
Torchwood S3…on Blu-Ray!
World War…Three!

6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #142 – Four To Doomsday

  1. Well I managed to listen to the podcast completely through, at least I think I did. It’s had to tell since I had the volume on my mbp up so I could hear the episode while having the subtiles showing on the episode and had the podcast playing on my imac so I didn’t hear everything that you guys and gal commented on.

  2. Part of me was kind of hoping I was going to hear a commentary on Four to Doomsday. Oh well. Just curious, can you get 42 people on the podcast for the commentary of 42? 😉 Take that Podshock!

  3. Technically, there’s about 42 people in the background ignoring us during our pub chats with Rob Shearman, Phil Ford, et al on the Gallifrey episodes. But they also represent our largest listening audience ever, so who are we to complain?

  4. Wow you guys had a listening audience, I just thought that we downloaded the episode and ignored them, or are you taking captive and can’t escape audience, trapped by their needs for alcohol.
    Still in all seriousness and a little curiosity what is the number of downloads for the podcast? Warren are you keeping the numbers on that?
    One thing that I have notice is that not that many people post here as much it seems more people are interested in twitering there comments.

  5. All of the podcasts are going to have gather together in a room and yell out their download numbers at the same time. Then we’ll see who’s just come in from a cold swimming pool and who hasn’t.

    We’re often in the top 3, or 5, or 10 in iTunes, for what it’s worth. The odd time, we’ve cracked the #2 spot. And last week, we were #1 in Portugal, I’m told. Thanks, Lisbon!

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