Radio Free Skaro #141 – The Curse of Keith Boak


With the regular hosts of Radio Free Skaro jumping ship left and right in order to avoid commentating on perceived Series One low point “Aliens of London”, it was left to Steven, Katrina, and, at the last minute, Chris to try and find something worthy to talk about for the Slitheens’ debut appearance in Doctor Who lore. They succeeded in not going too terribly off topic, although the intrusion of the subtitle track from the 1964 classic series story “Marco Polo” didn’t help. Have a listen for yourselves!

direct download: rfs141.mp3

Show Notes:

Neil’s Mountain Climb…donate!
Doctor Who – Best Show…Ever!
Torchwood airing in…July?
Torchwood radio…plays!
David Tennant…presenter!
Doctor Who…too scary?

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #141 – The Curse of Keith Boak

  1. It’s not Warriors of the Deep, but here’s an 80s Who “recon”.

  2. Hey all-

    As a parent 6 and 8 year old daughters, I will say that the answer to whether DW is scary is – it depends. It depends on your child temperment. You know your child best and that’s where the parenting comes in. I believe, like any other family entertainment, it’s best to watch it together – and for me, that works – cause I would love my daughters to be fans of the series like I am.

  3. Okay, that recon is brilliant. It needs to have the corners rounded and perhaps be fuzzier but otherwise I love it.

    And thanks for the input, Josh!

  4. Gee I don’t normally fall a sleep during the podcast but I think I did this time.
    I think I’ll just blame the fact that the funny one had found a way to get out of doing the podcast.

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