Radio Free Skaro #128 – In the Shadow of the Cyber-King

In a surprising turn of events, this week’s episode was chock full of news…an unwelcome development with a “The Next Doctor” commentary bearing down on the Three Who Rule like a Cyber-King hell-bent on justifying its own lack of continuity. Being the brave souls they are, your gallant hosts soldiered on and brought not only the most current of current events in all of Who-dom, but also a sterling commentary on David Morrissey’s debut as the Next Doctor. Oh yes, and David Tennant made some sort of appearance as well.

Direct download: rfs128.mp3

(Many) Show Notes:

Second gap year special…Christmas?
Tennant finale…Mars?
Gap year actors…cast!
New companion…question mark?
TARDIS set…new?
Tennant tapes, part the…third!
SJA S3…writers!
Ronnie Corbett…little!
The Hand(s) of…Fear?
SJA…ficticious award!
Anna Friel…zombie!
Julie Gardner…in LA!
The Deadly…Assassin!
Planet of the…Dead!
Delta and the…Bannermen!
Cybermen box set…date!
Laurence Payne…obit!
The Next…Doctor!

2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #128 – In the Shadow of the Cyber-King

  1. Hi guys,

    I’ve just started to listen to your podcast in the last few weeks after I saw it recommended on the Tachyon TV website.

    I loved the Gallifrey coverage and have just finished listening to the latest episode while jogging this morning. Top stuff as always. Now I’m in the process of downloading all 120 odd episodes (obviously the news int hem is out of date but I enjoy the banter, it helps take my mind of how unfit I am while out running).

    Anyway keep up the good work and thanks for a fantastic podcast.


  2. Thanks for listening, Matt!

    However, I think you’re wrong – our completely way off speculations about Series 3 episodes are as topical today as they were when they were recorded. If not more so.

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