Radio Free Skaro interviews Steve Roberts

In our ongoing Wednesday special series featuring interviews and such from Gallifrey ’09 in February (just to see how long we can milk it), we bring you an interview with Doctor Who Restoration Team impresario Steve Roberts, wherein he discusses past and future projects regarding the classic Who DVD series.

direct download: rfssteveroberts.mp3


Doctor Who Restoration Team
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5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro interviews Steve Roberts

  1. I love how Steve says commentaries are the most important thing to him on a release, and I heartily agree.

  2. Roberts totally took me aback (as you can hear!) when he didn’t immediately shoot down the “further animated episodes” question, that I forgot most of my other questions! Thus, there’s only one “rapid fire” question on there, as we aren’t allowed to release the other ones….. 🙂

    Definite candidate for a Pub Chat episode at next year’s Gallifrey, Steve is.

  3. Good interview. So I’m assuming it’s Dan Hall who we have to er.. thank for ‘The Blood Show’ on State of Decay then.

    I don’t mind some different more unusual extras and ones which take a broader less Doctor Who centric approach (I liked ‘The Frayling Reading’ featurette on State of Decay, but Christopher Frayling is always excellent on his contributions to DVD extras, like Sergio Leone films and his commentary on the UK DVD of The Innocents), but I agree with Steve that a commentary and making-of should always be present along with any deleted scenes and relevant clips from other shows of the time.

    It shouldn’t be a situation where a making-of is dropped in favour of e.g. some of the more unusual extras from the E-Space set but thankfully this hasn’t really happened so far with the DVD range.

  4. There’s an interesting discussion/slanging match regarding DVD extras going on at the Restoration Team’s Doctor Who Technical forum at the moment.

    It seems a shortened recon of Galaxy 4 like the one for Marco Polo on The Edge of Destruction disc was made and originally meant to be included on the DVD of The Time Meddler but Dan Hall decided recons weren’t the way to go any more so it was dropped.

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