Radio Free Skaro #122 – Live from Gallifrey

For the first time in recorded history, in an event sure to be recorded in the annals of time across all universes parallel and otherwise, the RFS crew met in person at Gallifrey 2009 in Los Angeles, and thus was a podcast birthed from the loins of the Airport Marriott. And as a special bonus, John Williams and Neil Perryman of Tachyon TV joined in on the fun and regaled us with tales of Torchwood dodginess, Tomorrow People memories, and the utter strangeness of Sapphire and Steel.

Direct download: rfs122.mp3

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #122 – Live from Gallifrey

  1. I don’t believe that all three of you guys are together. where is the photographic proof? I no that since warren is so short and Chris is so tall that the only way that we could possible see all your faces will be for warren to be sitting on Steven’s shoulders. either that or we only see Chris’s chest.

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