Gallifrey in peril! Well, for some…

No, that’s not a headline from the Daily Mirror, although it frankly could be…

Weather is being unfriendly in the UK tonight. There’s a weather warning in effect for Heathrow saying there may be delays, but it’s nothing compared to other regions. One of our podcasting chums from TachyonTV mentioned earlier today the Newcastle Airport – from which he was to fly to London – had suspended all flights. That threw him into a bit of a tizzy to be sure. Thankfully Newcastle’s warning has been downgraded to something similar to Heathrow’s so he may yet get out as expected.

Around where I live there’s a bit of rain and snow and it’s really nothing too bad so if the same conditions are in effect at Heathrow then worries should be minimal or moot.

Updates will come from one of us or another, and two of the Three Who Rule will be in attendance for certain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and working out how to do the same with my toes.

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