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Video Free Skaro 012: Critical Hits and Pint-Sized Brits

<![CDATA[http://youtu.be/ieBfU0vtzwA A very special guest host takes the reigns on this week's Video Free Skaro, and we're sure you'll enjoy his sardonic take on all things Whovian. But the main event is the Critical Hit show, a blending of improv and Dungeons and Dragons… Continue Reading “Video Free Skaro 012: Critical Hits and Pint-Sized Brits”

Skaromantic Comedy, the sequel to Blue Meanie!

<![CDATA[http://youtu.be/IaHox8FoqtI In what has become a Gally tradition (of two years), Warren has created another Doctor Who fan film for showing at Gallifrey and on the web. Skaromantic Comedy is the sequel to Blue Meanie, Warren’s first fan film. It’s a gripping tale of… Continue Reading “Skaromantic Comedy, the sequel to Blue Meanie!”