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Doctor Who: The End of Time Broadcasts Confirmed!

<![CDATA[Today the BBC Press Office officially confirmed transmission dates and times for The End of Time Part One and The End of Time Part Two. The UK will see The End of Time Part One at 6:00 PM GMT on Friday, 25 December whilst… Continue Reading “Doctor Who: The End of Time Broadcasts Confirmed!”

The Waters of Mars – December 19 on SPACE

<![CDATA[ SPACE Fulfills Sci-Fi Junkies Wet Dreams with Exclusive Canadian Premiere of DOCTOR WHO: THE WATERS OF MARS, December 19 Toronto, ON (November 9, 2009) – The Doctor is in, and the countdown is on! David Tennant’s final four adventures as the Tenth Time… Continue Reading “The Waters of Mars – December 19 on SPACE”

SPACE Blog: Death in Who

<![CDATA[ Death is the universal equalizer, most people’s worst fear and the final act in everyone’s life. In science fiction, unlike the real world, it’s also reversible, and no show does more to dodge death than Doctor Who. What other television show has a… Continue Reading “SPACE Blog: Death in Who”

SPACE Blog: Spoilers! The Delicate Art of Not Knowing (Or Not)

In an age of always-on interconnectivity, it’s very difficult to be surprised. It’s even more difficult when a part of you wants to ruin the surprise. Such is the double-edged nature of the spoiler. Read the rest of the post at

Kisses by the console: Romancing the Doctor

If there’s one issue that divides fans of the Doctor, it’s the thorny question of romance. Back in the old days of Classic Who, this debate was neatly avoided by alternately projecting the Doctor as an older authority figure or simply having him ignore… Continue Reading “Kisses by the console: Romancing the Doctor”

Doctor Who: Favourite Monsters

Where are [my favorite] monsters in Doctor Who? With the re-emergence of Doctor Who into the minds of fans the world over in 2005, the initial thrill of discovering we’d soon be experiencing new adventures with a new Doctor in a new TARDIS was… Continue Reading “Doctor Who: Favourite Monsters”