Radio Free Skaro #862 – When You Wish Upon a Star

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Two Who Rule (Steven and Warren) have returned from exile on Dulkis (vacation) this week and in lieu of Chris, who continues to explore the farthest corners of the United Kingdom, we have esteemed guest co-host Dr. Heather Berberet, psychologist and frequent guest host! Just as importantly, Heather is in San Diego giving us boots on the ground insights on goings on at San Diego Comic Con, as well as weighing in on such topics as Disney possibly distributing the RTD2 era of Doctor Who, Segun Akinola leaving the show, and a sad day for tat collectors as Eaglemoss goes out of business. But cheer up! Bonhomie, jocularity and optimism are our watchwords as we ascend to your podcast listening devices once more!


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