Radio Free Skaro #857 – The Blue Box Files

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Plenty of news this week, including the arrival of one Neil Patrick Harris in some form or fashion for the 60th anniversary celebrations of one Doctor Who next year, playing…that would be telling. Also a ton of Target novelizations, audio dramas both Big Finish and otherwise and Cubicle7 tabletop role playing game fun is on the way AND we have an interview with Ella Watts, the director/producer of Doctor Who Redacted, the 10-part BBC Sounds podcast-o-rama featuring everyone’s favourite Time Lord and a crew of investigators out to crack the code of the Blue Box! VWORP!!



2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #857 – The Blue Box Files

  1. Thanks so much for talking about Doctor Who Redacted. I started listening today, and I’m so hooked. I’ve passed this on to a few friends who I know will love it too. I really hope the BBC will pick up on how awesome this is and make more. I love Big Finish, and it’s great to have another outlet.

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