Radio Free Skaro #838 – Radio Free Skaro: In Flux

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After a year away, Radio Free Skaro is happy and proud to be back at Gallifrey One in 2022! With two-thirds of the Three Who Rule unable to be here this year, it is up to Steven and trusty sidekick/tech producer Chip Sudderth to kick off the festivities with RADIO FREE SKARO: IN FLUX, the first live show of the weekend with guests Sylvester McCoy, Matt Strevens, Jon Davey, Jonathan Watson, and Stephen Gallagher!


2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #838 – Radio Free Skaro: In Flux

  1. Dear Three Who Rule.

    It was great to see at least one of you Southerner’s 🙂 here at Gally this year.

    Great opening show, as always. Hope we are back to normal next year and everyone arrives home safe and Covid free.

    Thanks Steven and Chip.

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