Radio Free Skaro #835 – Diamonds are Forever

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The rumours of The Return of Tennant strengthen and grow, driving at least two of the RFS-ians into states of pearl-clutching cold sweats and another into cautious optimism. Guess which ones! Plus we have news of Jodie Whittaker’s regeneration scene, the Gallifrey One schedule is released (including details of the Radio Free Skaro live show), a dip into history with The Timelash, and our Classic Series Commentary for Part Three of “Remembrance of the Daleks”!



5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #835 – Diamonds are Forever

  1. Just a new comment listening to the new podcast and the criticism of Tennant… If there is one thing this is, it’s a new idea. You might not like it for many reasons but it’s never happened before on the show, it’s the very definition of a new idea.. just had to comment, love the podcast. I agree if this is a 3 session thing is the wrong move, but as something new to explore why not?

    Also Dr who wades neck high in its history constantly – everything is reused constantly. I’m not really sure why all the hostility to this.

    Also, tbh, this well bring in the audience like nothing else.. let’s not forget it’s a TV show.

    That’s all 🙂

  2. Here’s a theory which could work regarding David tennant returning as doctor who

    Remember journeys end the human doctor created in the tardis went of with rose Tyler into another universe
    What if the current doctor is in some kind of regeneration flux where she cannot change and the tardis goes into some kind of emergency mode decides the option the tardis has is to try and get a doctor out of sync to sort it out.

    The only thing it can do is go to another dimension pick up human meta crisis doctor to help
    How this theory stands

    All the new production team come from journeys end and they are all returning

    Also David tennant aging won’t matter his human now

    And it’s a good way to spend the time in the short period he takes over to find the new one

    Theory solved 😁

    • Better than having a David Tennant playing a different doctor older which is just not right

      • Yep this theory has already been talked about in the radio so it is plausible and also bringsto the doctor who the multiverse theory like Marvel has

    • Let me address the obvious obstacle: the Tenth Doctor told Mickey that travel between the universes has ceased since the Time Lords perished in the Time War. Presumably, only they had the tech. I know Gallifrey was actually in stasis at the end of time and the Time Lords weren’t really gone. Now they are. But the TARDIS also has Gallifrey’s address. And there’s nobody to stop her from salvaging the tech she needs, although I assume she would have to get it aboard with teleport or tractor beam.

      I think there needs to be some bigger crisis to it though. Not just the Doctor’s flat out/Doctor’s in flux/where’s the Doctor gone? (again). This is where I put to you, if I may, a scenario I have long favoured where a fleet of Dalek voidspheres breaks through into the other universe intent on eliminating “The Abomination” (Rose). If they lay waste to Pete’s world, we have an explanation of why, in ‘The Day of the Doctor’, The Moment chose an image of Bad Wolf-Rose in rags from either the Doctor’s past or future. Because Bad Wolf sure wasn’t dressed like that on Satellite 5! This of course allows Rose to become Bad Wolf again, maybe on a jekyll-and-hyde basis, thus accounting for the residual glow which Queen Vic’s Werewolf saw in her eyes. Clearly the Ninth Doctor didn’t suck it all out of her. And right there I can see a whole load of new directions RTD could take Rose in, if she can do Bad Wolf like Jean Grey did Dark Phoenix! The thing is to seize the opportunity and get the Tyler family out of that pointless parallel world and back into the real Doctor’s life. I can visualise it now: the Daleks set off a singularity bomb but the TARDIS tractor beam wrenches the Tyler home off its foundations and flies it into the safety of the vortex just as Pete’s earth collapses into the Void…

      However it’s done, I want the Metacrisis Doctor to redeem himself in the end with a hero’s death defending Rose and family. That will clear the way for Rose to rejoin the actual love of her life: the real-McCoy, original Doctor. Because we all know her conclusion in ‘Journey’s End’ sucks, don’t we? From the Doctor’s side, dumping her in Pete’s world was never going to solve the “curse of the Time Lords” (which they SO got over in Series 2 anyway). Now (s)he won’t have to watch Rose grow old, but (s)he *still* has to live on without her, only it’s in the knowledge that (s)he threw away even the human lifespan they might have shared. A fine result! You’d have thought some intelligence would have kicked in there. As for Rose, he’s condemned her to live a lie for the rest of her life with a phoney-cloney Doctor surrogate who she knows is only a copy of the man she has lost but will forever remind her of him — and for Rose, the woman who would’ve followed the real Doctor into a black hole, that is a fate worse than hell. If she does settle down with Doctor Clone, she traduces everything that she is.

      Now RTD admitted that he’d written himself into a corner with his double-Doctor plot. He persuaded himself he’d papered over the cracks, but the cracks still show. And Billie hates the way it ended. So here’s his chance to fix it all. Give 10.2 his last hurrah and get Rose back where she belongs, at the real Doctor’s side: perhaps on a semiregular basis, one or two stories per series like River. She would be a new and pivotal addition to the mythos: the Doctor’s beloved, the one person in the whole universe who could make his loneliness bearable. A figure as iconic and lasting as the Brigadier became. No other destiny really works as well for Rose, it’s like she was meant for this. Which would keep any other companions with romantic designs on the Doctor in their place. And one day, who knows, she might even regenerate alongside him? What a tribute that would be to Miss Piper if, a quarter of a century down the line, the question on everyone’s lips were not, “who’s going to be the next Doctor?” but “who’s going to be the next Rose?”

      I know I’m dreaming but, come on, RTD has left so many loose threads hanging. So many birds to kill with this one stone. But pull it off, and he takes his resurgent characters into a whole new paradigm.

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