Radio Free Skaro #833 – Working for the Weekend

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It’s been a whiplash week of MRAHH BUSINESS news as BBC America is allegedly pulling out of Doctor Who missing episodes animation, Nadine Dorries threatens to end the license fee and thus doom the BBC, and Jo Martin gets her own Doctor Who comic for Free Comic Book Day! Plus we have Big Finish and book news, a new Weeping Angels board game, and Part One of our Classic Series Commentary for “Remembrance of the Daleks”! Cue the “little girl with a balloon” music!



One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #833 – Working for the Weekend

  1. Always time to listen to stuff on Remembrance, even if not everyone on your team is (hmph)… Since you mentioned the sad passing of Dursley McLinden, it’s worth noting that RTD had a little testimonial to him in ‘It’s A Sin’, with Trooper Linden in the little Doctor Who sequence.

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