Radio Free Skaro #831 – The Lines at Midnight

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It’s 2022, and that means a new Doctor Who New Year’s Day special and some Dalek shenanigans as tradition dictates, this time in the form of “Eve of the Daleks!” Join the Three Who Rule as they ruminate upon a Mametesque character piece starring Yaz, Dan, the Doctor, and two time looped guest stars and the aforementioned Daleks in a self storage romp! Plus the return of a much pined-for monster this Easter and the usual news, tat and dips into the past via The Timelash…and the on-screen manifestation of Thasmin!


4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #831 – The Lines at Midnight

  1. Happy New Year! Can’t believe you guys complain about Greg Preston’s allegedly unique pronunciation of ‘demise’ and then immediately refer to Jaws, in which Robert Shaw dies exactly the same thing. Mere coincidence or was your memory subliminally triggered into manifesting this remarkable synchronicity? It’s… it’s the first one isn’t it?

  2. In the US, TV shows give Executive Producer credits to actors in lieu of pay increases. The title has a completely different meaning for movies, and is a real job. No idea what it means for UK TV shows.

  3. “Oh My giddy aunt “ very common/popular wiv me aunt , back in the sixties

  4. “Oh my giddy aunt” was a relatively common English exclamation of surprise in the 20th century. I used to hear it from time to time.

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