Radio Free Skaro #817 – Bad Wolf Too

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This was supposed to be a slow news week but a phoenix in the form of one Russell T Davies smashed such expectations with news he is returning to re-helm Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary and beyond in a new Golden Age of Telestreaming Audiovisuals. What does it all mean? Join the Three Who Rule as they madly cogitate over the implications of the announcement and muddle through their own complicated feelings on this most weighty of developments. Plus the usual Timelashing, Big Finish updates, video game-ry, and more! But mostly, let’s be honest, all-consuming RTD banter. 


3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #817 – Bad Wolf Too

  1. Seems like the BBC knew the show was in serious trouble after their last appointments and decided to throw the dice one more time with a face that’s known and solid. Or maybe they were going to scrap it but RTD stepped in to save it. I guess we’ll never know.

    Either way, I’m not sure Doctor Who’s universe could pull off a big Marvel style multi show as many brands have tried with far more money but fell short. Even Star trek is struggling with it. I like the idea of other shows filling in the gap between Doctor Who seasons/series though. That could work really well.

    Something like Torchwood, Paul McGanns Who, maybe even stories from the Time War.

    As for RTD/Who, it’s nice to see the BBC admit they got it wrong and go back to RTD for help. There’s nothing wrong with that and now the show can hopefully return.

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