Radio Free Skaro #809 – Travel Hopefully

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It’s a monumental week of news as Thirteenth Doctor Jodie Whittaker and current showrunner Chris Chibnall announced they will be leaving the show in 2022 after the next (truncated) series and a triplet of specials. What does this portend? Well, endless fannish debate, worry, and fevered hand-wringing to which we will contribute our small portion starting now. Heading back to the present we have a “Mystery” ARG website baffling fans via cryptic conundrums, a tsunami of Big Finish conundrums, convention news, and  an interview with Jess Jurkovic, who transcribes and performs Dudley Simpson scores via piano! Plinkity plonk!



One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #809 – Travel Hopefully

  1. I agree with you when you say Doctor Who needs to change, but can we leave all the “it HAS to be” a person of colour or women stuff out? It doesn’t matter what colour or sex the new people are, what matters is they’re right for the job and it gets people interested again. It was the former type of thinking that’s seen Doctor Who go from a global brand to a nearly dead one and it’s also a sexist thing to say. Pick for talent not genitals/colour.

    As for Jodie/Chibnall…I feel like Jodie never really got given a personality as the Doctor due to the poor writing. Chibnall had some great ideas but they were poorly executed and needed another draft before being made – you can’t just change everything we know about the doctor this late in the game. He should never have destroyed the doctors home either. We’ve only just got the thing back and he kills it again. It’s just poor writing. Chibnall is clearly a pantser and Doctor Who needs a plotter when it comes to the writing.

    Looking ahead, I don’t know who should run the show, but I do think we need the return of a season arc that is actually interesting and not skipable and bland.

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