Radio Free Skaro #798 – Smell The Glove

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Normality may be crawling back into our disease-ridden lives as Whooverville 12 (in Derby) and Long Island Who (in the form of Time-Flight 2021) announce in-person events in September and November, and if you wanted every Doctor to appear in an interactive theatrical piece named Time Fracture, now you can! But if you’ve been pining for Captan Jack Harkness in the same, no such luck. Meanwhile Christopher Eccleston has returned for real in Ravagers and as if that wasn’t enough, we continue our Torchwood Revisited commentaries with “They Keep Killing Suzie”!



One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #798 – Smell The Glove

  1. Just a reply to Steven’s request for market research: I personally listen for the « trailers » and then stay tuned in for the « feature presentation ». I don’t live with any Who fans, so i enjoy feeling like I’m part of a discussion of all things Who.

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