Radio Free Skaro #768 – Moonraker

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It’s been a good weekend, dear listeners, and we hope you’ll enjoy today’s episode. For our Doctor Who Series 12 Commentary for “Praxeus”, we invite on someone who is new to the podcasting world, but not to Doctor Who. Sandya Narayanswami has been a Doctor Who fan since 1963, watching it every week with her family in the UK, and she talks about her history with Doctor Who (and, amongst other things, being an occasional scientific advisor on Star Trek: Voyager) in this delightful and informative commentary chat. Build high for happiness!






One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #768 – Moonraker

  1. It came out really well and I must thank you again for the invitation. I had a lot of fun and we need fun more than ever in these days. Thank You Radio Free Skaro!!

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