Radio Free Skaro #762 – The Curse of The Curse of the Black Spot

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It’s trivia time again! Coming off Warren’s stunning victory in the first instalment of our new trivia segment Trivia, Mr. Fibuli, we invite our friend Kyle Anderson along to challenge both Warren and Chris as we play the latest version of Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit. Also, the Radio Times readers have chosen David Tennant as their favourite Doctor (just), new action dollies are coming, and we give you details about our Doctor Who Series 12 Commentaries which begin next week!


Trivia, Mr. Fibuli:




2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #762 – The Curse of The Curse of the Black Spot

  1. Hey guys – Chris missed a trivial Who-linked news item. Matt Lucas is a presenter for Great British Bake Off, serial 8.

    • Not missed so much as ignored. We don’t tend to cover much miscellaneous stuff from ex-Who folks since there are a fair few people who’ve done Who and are still active/working and such mentions would be overwhelming. I’m surprised Steven even brought up Davison’s Christmas gig.

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