Radio Free Skaro #739 – Lockdown of the Daleks

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SwarmFest 2020 continues and with it we have a Doctor Who tsunami of tweetalongs, tie-ins, and tat, which makes up for conventions as far and wide as San Diego and London going online (in the case of DWAS’s CapitalCon) and just flat out not happening (SDCC). But if you’re looking for premium Doctor Who online content, we have our latest Miniscope examining the work of last week’s interview subject, Paul Wilmshurst, that work being his directorship of “Kill The Moon”, “Mummy on the Orient Express”, and “Last Christmas”! And if you like math, contagion, and the analysis of such things, we also have noted author, mathematician and man about town Robert Smith? popping by!





One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #739 – Lockdown of the Daleks

  1. A big thank you for the chat with Robert Smith about the virus, that was the best presented information on the virus in a few minutes, than the barrage of info we have had in the uk to date so far. Thank you for that, top stuff! of course the rest of the show was top notch too as always!.

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