Radio Free Skaro #725 – Rhinoceros Party

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There is simply no way to describe the latest episode of Doctor Who without spoiling it, so please dive right in and listen to the Three Who Rule’s thoughts about “Fugitive of the Judoon,” which has…Judoon! And a whole lot else that impacts greatly on Series 12 and indeed the history of the show…which again we dare not utter here! Just listen! And may we further entice you with stats, action dolly news, and further updates to our Gallifrey One live show, Radio Free Skaro: These Go To Eleven!


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– Radio Free Skaro Gallifrey One 2020 live show: These Go To Eleven!
Gallifrey One 2020 Schedule available
Gallifrey One 2020 update
Whittaker to stay a third series
Fugitive of the Judoon
Judoon Captain named after Paul Condon
Radio Times interview with John Barrowman
Series 12 latter half trailer
Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror BBC One overnight viewing figures
Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror BBC America overnight ratings
Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror BBC America Live+3 Day ratings
Orphan 55 final BBC One viewing figures
Orphan 55 AI 77
Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror t-shirt
Tom Baker in conversation with Nicholas Briggs
Talons to be screened at the BFI March 14
Season 14 Blu-Ray clean artwork
Big Finish Susan’s War due April 2020
New Big Finish 4-story Torchwood series begins April 2020
Updated Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit
Doctor Who Mistress of Chaos graphic novel due July 5
5.5″ 13th Doctor action figure due next month
5.5″ Graham action figure due next month
5.5″ Reconnaissance Dalek due next month
5.5″ electronic TARDIS due next month
B&M 13th Doctor companion set due mid-2020
Adric gold star badge due June 10
Ace logo badge due June 10
Radiophonic Workshop Fourth Dimension vinyl preorder
Radiophonic Workshop Through A Glass Darkly vinyl preorder
Picard sets Canadian TV record for its debut

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #725 – Rhinoceros Party

  1. On the regeneration – Lee may not be a Time Lord. Gat is Gallifreyan, not specifically a Time Lord. Not all Gallifreyans regenerate, just the Time Lords.

  2. I got the impression that Lee was Doctor Ruth’s human companion, watching over her while she was “arched”, in the same way that Martha watched over John Smith in “Human Nature”. Which was why the Judoon identified him as human (because he was). He obviously knew who Ruth really was, so he wasn’t an “arched” Gallifreyan. I assume the medal in the box was a non-Earth artefact because although Lee was human he wasn’t from present day Earth.

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