Radio Free Skaro #721 – Where Worlds Collide and Days are Dark

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The dawn of a new decade means only one thing: NEW DOCTOR WHO! Doc and the Time Fam are back and battling enemies old and new in “Spyfall – Part One”, a globetrotting bit of intrigue involving glowing aliens, Stephen Fry, Lenny Henry, and more! What will happen next!?!? Well, we’ll give you some updates on tat, new actors for series 12, a Gallifrey One update, a celebration of Terrance Dicks and the return of Stats! You have been warned.


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Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar – LEGO Telesnap Versions
Spyfall Part One
Terrance Dicks dedication
Terrance Dicks A Celebration happening March 15
Spyfall Part One BBC One overnight viewing figures
Spyfall Part Two synopsis
Series 12 to have linking theme
Sacha Dhawan edited out of promotional material
Radio 1 interview with Jodie Whittaker
James Buckley announced for Series 12
Series 12 on iTunes Canada
Weekly t-shirts available via Forbidden Planet in the UK
First Series 12 shirt available for preorder
Gallifrey One guest announcement
Gallifrey One charity auction info
Doctor Who demand on BritBox UK outpaced other shows 20:1
German Season 23 Blu-Ray release
Big Finish Diary of River Song series 7 due this month
Toby Hadoke’s 2019 Doctor Who In Memoriam

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #721 – Where Worlds Collide and Days are Dark

  1. Dam CTV SF for shoving too many commercials into a sixty minutes show … I don’t know if it’s CTV or my cable providers PVR schedule only giving 1 hr to show thus cutting off 15 minutes + , even the repeat started 15 min late than schedule, thus cutting 20mins off … grrrrr

  2. Loved the episode and I want to share my theory on who the light beings are. I may be reaching in some places, but humor me. Major throwback to “The End of Time: Part 2.” In that episode, Rassilon revealed that the plan of the time lords was to transcend beyond their physical bodies and become beings of pure consciousness. The episode ended the arc involving The Master, Rassilon and the remaining Time Lords by having The Master attack Rassilon with his Time-Lord-ha-me-ha while they’re thrown back into the pocket universe.

    Let’s entertain the idea that Rassilon was not killed but that he and the other time lords convinced The Master to assist them with their plan of ascending. The other time lords made it clear that he would not ascend with them because of his madness. Well, say he agrees and helps them ascend since it could be a means of escape from the pocket universe. However, during the ascension, the Master gains control over the ascended time lords and they are now under his control.

    Sound like a stretch? Consider the light being that spoke to the doctor. It said that it was “far beyond your understanding” and that they “took this form to mock you” then laughed in a way that suggested some familiarity with the Doctor. This show is no stranger to disguising characters to reveal their true appearance and connections later. They’re also apparently an unknown group and their language is unknown within this universe. Lastly, he said something along the lines of “we are now stable enough to take this universe,” which was Rassilon’s goal after transcending.

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