Radio Free Skaro #719 – You’re Nicked, Briggs

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Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar – LEGO Telesnap Versions
Gallifrey One guest update
Anjli Mohindra and Laura Fraser announced for Series 12
Big Finish “Doctor Who: Masterful” brings John Simm back as The Master
Big Finish Chase the Night due January 2020
Big Finish Third Doctor Adventures Volume 6 due May 2020
Immersive Doctor Who theatrical experience coming to London in 2020
Doctor Who fan film produced by Welsh school
New Target books due July 2020
Doctor Who Magazine 546 released
John Levene autobiography available in hardback
Thirteenth/Tenth Doctor comic crossover happens during Blink
Big Chief Definitive Series Fourth Doctor
TARDIS consoles due February 2020
Spinning TARDIS replica available
Hero Collector Figuring Collection, Time Lords Set #1 featuring The Curator and Romana II
Hero Collector episodic t-shirts
Hero Collector pin badge Doctor Who collection
Thirteenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver with visual effects
Race to the TARDIS board game
Time Ladies talk Doctor Who merchandise
Judoon at Victoria Station
Wendy Williams died


Nicholas Briggs
Big Finish

Tatsplosion! All the merchandise madness we deferred last week in place of actual proper Series 12 news must be faced now, and with tremendous vigour! And, hoo boy, is there a lot of tat to discussion from upcoming Big Finish releases to more modern Target novels to comics, t-shirts, miniature spinning TARDISes…madness! We also have Gallifrey One guest updates, wandering Judoon, AND an interview with Big Finish impresario, voice of the Cybermen, Judoon, (and Daleks?) in Series 12, and writer Nicholas Briggs!

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