Radio Free Skaro #718 – Everything Changes on New Year’s Day

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Everything is happening! As we hurtle towards New Year’s Day and the premiere of “Spyfall”, the first of a two-part episode of Doctor Who Series 12, the info we were waiting all of 2019 for is now flying fast and furious and the Three Who Rule are all that stands between you and total cranial destruction! So let’s get right to this melange of promotional show appearances, UK, US, and Canadian air dates, and an interview from Chicago TARDIS with former Doctor Who brand manager Edward Russell! Listen, or you will be destroyed (by news!)

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Radio Free Skaro Fluid Links Advent Calendar – LEGO Telesnap Versions
30 years since Survival aired, piece by James Cooray Smith
Series 12 opens with “Spyfall”, airing New Year’s Day
Episode 1 first look
Series 12 release date trailer
The series will open with a 2-parter
Some Series 12 episodes will have a cold open
BBC One will broadcast Spyfall at 6:55pm
BBC America will broadcast Spyfall at 8:00 ET/PT
CTV Sci-Fi confirms New Year’s Day broadcast of Spyfall
Jodie Whittaker on the Graham Norton Show
Jodie Whittaker given silver record for Yellow, her Children in Need contribution
Fathom Events holding Spyfall screening January 5
Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla will appear in Series 12
Russia buys Series 12 and will offer older series on demand
Total TV Guide
BBC America Doctor Who marathon begins December 24
BBC America Doctor Who marathon will include The Macra Terror
Michelle Ryan announced for Gallifrey One
Gallifrey One 2020 ticket resales open
Who 77 Promotions presents An Afternoon With Graeme Harper
Jonathan Morris’s project on which Doctor Who scripts exist
Gareth David-Lloyd catches someone trying to deface the Ianto shrine
DC Fontana died
Richard Easton died


Edward Russell
Chicago TARDIS 2019

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