Radio Free Skaro #689 – The Marks of Mandragora

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If you missed the Tribeca Film Festival, and chances are you did, never fear because “Doctor Who: The Runaway” is now ready for your VR-addled eyeballs, at least if you live in the UK. If you’re into more traditional media, we have “The Evil of the Daleks” vinyl news and a storybook devoted to the ends, beginnings, almost-weres and never-was of the beloved Target novelisations. Our Miniscope this week features gentleman author and TV veteran Louis Marks, as we look at his work on “Planet of Giants”, “Day of the Daleks”, “Planet of Evil”, and “The Masque of Mandragora”! Make yourself a salami sandwich and enjoy!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale
The Runaway launched May 16
The Runaway will be on demo at UK public libraries
Evil of the Daleks due on vinyl July 12
The Target Storybook due October 24
Support Red Nose Day USA, enter to win breakfast with Jodie Whittaker on the Doctor Who set
Red Nose Day USA Whittaker contest promo video
Who memorabilia at auction May 30
Eric Saward will be doing a signing for his Resurrection of the Daleks novelization at Forbidden Planet London


Louis Marks
Planet of the Giants
Day of the Daleks
Planet of Evil
The Masque of Mandragora

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