Radio Free Skaro #663 – Witchfinder Pursuivant

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It’s time to find some witches with the Three Who Rule as Doctor Who and the gang/team/fam navigate superstition, 17th century sexual politics and an extremely flirtatious King James in “The Witchfinders”! Plus stats, which sounds uncomfortably close to “Satan,” actual Satan with Tom Baker adapting his barking mad idea “Scratchman” into a novel, Big Finish scheduling their releases well into the End Times, and surely the greatest harbinger of the Apocalypse, a new 13th Doctor Funko Pop without a coat. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN!?! NO COAT!!

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Episode 8 review, “The Witchfinders”
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Tom Baker novelizing Scratchman, book and audiobook due out January 24, 2019
Special edition Warriors’ Gate audio release
Big Finish announces three more Time War box sets
Seventh Doctor and Mags team up in Big Finish trilogy due out April 2019
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Thirteenth Doctor without coat Funko Pop

6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #663 – Witchfinder Pursuivant

  1. Alan Cumming was hilarious. You know he was in The Airzone Solution over 20 years ago

    I was lucky enough to pick up an autographed copy when it was released.

    Also, Jason Haigh-Ellery was on the Aussie show Whovians last week and he thinks Graham is an alien??

  2. With so many companions to fit onto the screen every week I feel the stories are broader but shallower as far as detail and character. I hope the decision to have 3 companions wasn’t because the powers-that-be didn’t think Jodi could carry the show with only one Tardis tagalong. I’d rather there were fewer people and more involved episodes…but what do I know.

  3. Someone’s probably already said, but if you really want to look up the history of the English monarchy then the best series is probably Monarchy by David Starky. You can find most of it on Youtube.

  4. There is a problem with a bunch of your links, almost half. They keep going to page not found pages on the sites.

    • Yup, three links don’t work. Alas we haven’t got control over the remote sites and the dead links mean they’ve changed things. All links are verified to be working at time of recording (otherwise Steven wouldn’t have them handy to reference!) but beyond that, the internet changes.

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